The following schedule will be updated as the course progresses.

DateMaterial covered and events
Jan 11Syllabus
Canvas, Connect, and Investopedia setup
How to use the slides
Jan 16Snow Day - No Class
Investopedia game starts today
Jan 18Start chapter 1
Create a personal bio slide for extra credit
Jan 23Finish chapter 1
Problem Set 1
Jan 25Quiz 1
Financial calculator tutorial
Start chapter 2 material
Make an Investopedia trade before the end of the day to get early trade points
Jan 30Financial News
Continue with chapter 2 content - trading with margin
Problem Set 2 (due date moved to Friday)
Feb 1Quiz 2
Finish chapter 2 - short selling
Short selling in Investopedia
Feb 6Finance news and Investopedia
Problem Set 3
Chapter 3
Feb 8Quiz 3
Feb 13Finance News
Chapter 4
Problem Set 4
Feb 15No Class
Feb 20Review quiz 4
Trade types and indexes
Problem Set 5
Feb 22Quiz 5
Start chapter 6 (discounted cash flows / dividends)
Excel workbook
Feb 27GNI valuation example
Continue with chapter 6 (sustainable growth rate)
Excel workbook
Problem Set 6
Mar 1Quiz 6
Discount rates and 2-stage DDM
Group extra credit work
Mar 6Problem Set 7
Residual income model, FCF model, price ratio analysis
Continued group extra credit valuation
Mar 8Quiz 7
Midterm grades and course evaluations
Mar 20No Problem Set this week
Intro to derivatives
Forwards contracts
Mar 22Quiz 8
Futures contracts
The process of daily settlement
Mar 27Problem Set 8
Futures contracts round 2
Cross hedging and arbitrage
Spot-Futures Parity
Mar 29Quiz 9
Investopedia/news discussion
Futures trading game
Apr 3No problem set this week
Investopedia/news discussion
Options - definitions, payoffs/profits, premium decomposition, moneyness
Apr 5Quiz 10
Finish slides from Options 1
Group work - graphing options with different strikes
Apr 10Problem Set 9
News and Investopedia
Options 2 slides
Start options strategies (Excel file)
Apr 12Quiz 11
Continue options strategies
Apr 17Problem Set 10
Interest rates
Apr 19Quiz 12
Introduction to bonds
Apr 24Problem Set 11
Investopedia ends
Deadline for own trading verification
Last lecture - finishing up bonds
Apr 26Quiz 13
Investopedia awards
May 3NO CLASS - FINALS WEEK; Investopedia Write Up due