Tyson D. Van Alfen

FIN 469 / BA 536

Security Valuation

This is a course on fundamental analysis. The primary emphasis is on equity valuation, with a focus on developing and applying methods to value firms using financial statement analysis. The course has a very practical focus, and develops the techniques for challenging traded prices in order to assess whether investments are appropriately priced.

Course Content

FIN 462

Working Capital Management

The objective of this course is to provide the background necessary for understanding short-term financing. Areas covered will include the role of working capital and liquidity analysis, management of working capital, cash management, forecasting and planning, and short-term investing and financing.

Course Content

FIN 410

Investment Analysis

This course is meant to be an introductory course on investments for finance majors. The course will focus on the characteristics, valuation, and trading of stocks, bonds, and derivatives.

Course Syllabus

ECN 6330

Applied Econometrics (MBA)

This course is designed to help students learn a set of statistical tools and methods that are useful in business and economic analysis. It is oriented towards applied practitioners rather than future econometricians. Students will be introduced to hypothesis testing, basic modeling, and regression analysis among other things.

Course Syllabus

ECN 2010

Introduction to Microeconomics

This course is designed to build an understanding of the economics of the marketplace from the perspectives of individual consumers and producers or businesses. The development and application of microeconomic principles will be laid out in order to demonstrate the role and limitations of competitive markets.

Course Syllabus